Aruban Florin
Official bank or department

Centrale Bank van Aruba

Contact information

Cash Operations & Logistics Department                                                        

J.E. Irausquin Boulevard 8 Oranjestad, Aruba

Tel: (297) 525-2100

General information about the reproduction of banknotes

The copyright of the Aruban florin banknotes rests with the Centrale Bank van Aruba (CBA). This means that the CBA can oppose the portrayal of the Aruban florin banknotes for infringement of its copyright. The CBA shall not oppose every portrayal of the Aruban florin banknotes, but only those portrayals that are not in compliance with the reproduction conditions of the CBA for the Aruban florin banknotes (hereafter referred to as Reproduction Conditions).

The Reproduction Conditions intend to prevent that portrayals of the Aruban florin banknotes are seen as original banknotes and to assure the public that the authentic Aruban florin banknotes can be distinguished from reproductions and that a portrayal cannot be changed or be confused with an original banknote.

Reproduction in printed media

The reproduction of an Aruban florin banknote is allowed if the conditions stated in the Reproduction Conditions are met. Reproductions must be made of materials that clearly and directly deviate from paper or paper-like materials that look and feel clearly different from the material used to make florin banknotes.

Reproduction in electronic media

Intangible reproductions that would be available on websites or any other social media available to the public, who can get access to these intangible reproductions on an individually chosen place and time, are allowed  with the understanding that:

  • The word SPECIMEN is printed diagonally in a clearly legible font on the reproduction. The length of the word SPECIMEN is at least 75 percent of the length of the reproduction and the height of the word SPECIMEN is at least 15 percent of the width of the reproductions. The color is not transparent (opaque) and contrasts with the main color of the corresponding Aruban florin banknote, as described in article 1.
  • The resolution of the electronic reproduction is not more than 72 dpi in the original size.