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South African Reserve Bank

Republic of South Africa
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Currency Management Department
Currency Integrity Division
Telephone number +27 12 313 3911

General information about the reproduction of banknotes

In view of the primary objective of the South African Reserve Bank to protect the value of the currency, it is essential for the Bank to protect the image and integrity of its currency, thereby retaining the confidence of the public therein. Its policy on the reproduction of images of South African currency ensures that entities other than the Bank reproduce images of the Bank's banknotes and coins under specific approved circumstances only, and that any reproduction of images is done in such a manner that any risk of misleading or defrauding the public as a result of imitations thereof is prevented.

Criminal sanction for counterfeiting:

Section 34(1)(c) and (d) of the South African Reserve Bank Act No. 90 of 1989 provides that any person who without the authority of the Bank " engraves or makes upon any material whatsoever any words, figures, letters, marks, lines or devices the print whereof resembles in whole or in part any words, figures, letters, marks, lines or devices peculiar to and used in or upon any note of the Bank or any coin which is legal tender; or uses or knowingly has in his possession any material whatsoever upon which has been engraved or made any such words, figures, letters, marks, lines or devices" shall be guilty of an offence. Such a person shall on conviction be liable to imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years.

Reproduction in printed media
Reproduction in electronic media