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Narodowy Bank Polski

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Narodowy Bank Polski
Cash and Issue Department
ul. Swietokrzyska 11/21
00-919 Warsaw


General information about the reproduction of banknotes

Under the Act on Narodowy Bank Polski of August 29, 1997, Narodowy Bank Polski (NBP) holds the exclusive right to issue the currency of the Republic of Poland. 

The currency issued by the NBP consists of notes and coins.

The coins issued by Narodowy Bank Polski fall into three categories. The first are coins for general circulation, minted in large quantities and used as cash, at face value. This group also includes PLN 5 commemorative coins intended for general circulation but issued in limited volumes. The second comprise collectors’ items, minted in limited editions, primarily for coin collectors at home and abroad. The third are gold bullion coins.

The NBP, as the issuer of the banknotes and coins and the owner of the property rights related to their design, has prepared Good Practices for the Reproduction of banknotes and coin images which are available at  Narodowy Bank Polski (

Reproduction in printed media

Narodowy Bank Polski has published Good practice in the reproduction of images of banknotes and coins regarding the main rules od reproduction of banknotes and coins issued by Narodowy Bank Polski. To fulfill all the rules and find out more when it comes to the Good Practices please visit at Narodowy Bank Polski - Internetowy Serwis Informacyjny ( Good practice | NBP